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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd


Employment Generation Through Marketing:

The Corporation has its own marketing branch and the products are marketed through Distributor and Retail Sale outlet. The chain marketing system is from manufacturer to distributor and to retailer. The distributor and the retailer will get reasonable margin. On the other hand, we engaged some interested un-employed youth to sell our products by Home Delivery System(HDS) and getting success, for example Sri Bishnu Terang of Diphu. He started his business from three nos. water Jar of our “KANCH” water and now he delivers more than 50 to 100 Jar/Cartons daily. Now there are more than 20th distributors in the district for selling our “KANCH” brand products.

Training for Skill Development Programme for Existing Employees & Educated Un-employed Youth:

The Central and State Government are paying interest in Skill Development against the human resources. Considering the Government policy, the Corporation is going to undertake training programe to train up the employees & workers for development in management skill, financial management including vocational training in different field conducted by various organizations time to time. On the other hand, the Corporation will include educated un-employed youth and SHG to train up in Entrepreneurship development along with confidence building, Skill Development so that they can take up the small industries in the Hill districts of Assam.

The Corporation conducted time to time training-cum-production programme on fruit processing and preservation including Litchi and Achar. The Management of the Corporation has a provision /planning for outside training on food processing as per our needs. The educated un-employed youth can also be benefited through this opportunity in short term in IT to meet the new challenges in particular.