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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd


After inception, the AHSIDC Ltd. have set up 2 nos. of Khandsari Sugar Mills at Hawairpur(Mailoo) and Manja in Karbi Anglong, the Major industries in Karbi Anglong at that time. Later the technology became obsolete which produced Red Sugar and was closed during 1986-87. But still the farmers are cultivating sugarcane in Kheroni and Hawaipur area in large scale. Now they produce ‘Gur’ (Molasses). To support the farmer, a modern Sugar Mill can be established there with the latest technology.

Later, the Corporation established the Fruit Preservation unit(FPU) at Boro-Haflong in 1978 and Deithor in 1992, Mustard Oil Mill in 1988 at Manja and started the cultivation of Citronella grass and distillation plants in 1986-87. The Corporation introduced Citronella grass first ever in both the Hill districts of Assam.

Initiation of Revival

The revival activities have been initiated from the year 2010 onwards with a little fund and still revival process is on considering the available resources and potential for the same with the support of the Govt. It may be mentioned here that there is NO PERMANENT INCOME SOURCE up to the year 2011.

In the meantime ,the Management has taken a RISKJOB to undertake the Project like “Packaged Drinking Water Plant-I” (an integrated project along with Fruit Preservation Unit(FPU) at Deithor Complex without direct Government assistance for the project at that time of undertaking the project).

The Risky Project has been started byown source of Rs.30.00 lakh (which was returned back by a private party against the equity share investment at the earlier). The said project required more than Rs.1.00 CRRORE to complete the PDW project but we had only Rs.30.00 lakh at that time of taking up even defunct & no Salary during that period. The projected was completed by own source & others source which took more than 2 & ½ years to complete the “1stPackaged drinking water project”. Even then, the Corporation did not have any type of vehicle except the Red Maruti (family). The project ultimately was inaugurated on 10 July, 2012 by then Hon’ble HAD Minister, Sri Khor Sing. Ingti. That was the real TURNING POINT of Revival Corporation.

Now the “KANCH” brand water bottles are in the market and the Company have earned the sum ofRs.24.52 lakh as NET PROFIT as per the Provisional Balance Sheet for the f/y 2015-16 out of the Gross Turnover of 2.08 Crore (two crore eight lakh) only.

The Corporation have been implementing various diversified project/schemes including infrastructure development for the interest of the Revival Corporation.

The Present Management has taken full initiatives for 100% revival with the support of the Administrative Deptt. (HAD& DCHA) from the year 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16. Now the Corporation has achieved 75% & that’s why the Corporation is able to manage the current salary & wages from its own source from month of April, 2015 in the pre-revised scale of RoP/98.