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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd



The AHSIDC Ltd. producing Natural Fruit Juice from the locally available raw-materials like Pine apple, Oranges, Mango, Litchi and other citrus fruits in “ KarbiAnglong and North Cachar Hills” (now DimaHasao) and the brand name stand as “KANCH” . It may be recalled that during 1991-92 our “KANCH” brand fruit products were served in the India Airline and was a Gold Medalist.

Both the Hill people as well as other places have accepted the “KANCH” brand because of its Quality and Purity. The Pineapple of DEITHOR is famous for its size and sweetness in the World and it grow on the hilly terrain. The Growers do not use any kind of fertilizer and pesticides in these areas. So it can be recognized/regarded as “ORGANIC FRUIT” including Orange, Turmeric, Ginger etc. Accordingly, the Fruit Processing Units have been set up at Deithor in Karbi Anglongand Haflong near JATINGA VALLY in DimaHasao. The “KANCH” brand Mustard Oil is also famous for its quality & Purity as being processed from the local M. Seeds etc.

Besides these, we also produce “KANCH”brand Turmeric powder , Jeerapowder, Dhaniyapowder, Meatmasala, Garam Masala etc. including Unique Masala of “SHATKORA” for meat and curry.

The Corporation also producing “KANCH” brand Packaged Drinking Water in PET bottle with added Mineral and is a major producer in KarbiAnglong and DimaHasao now.

The Corporation has its own captive Citronella & Lemon grass farms at Manja, Diyungbra, Gandhipur and produce Citronella Oil from our Distillation plants and produce best quality. Once you use never forget our “KANCH” brand Citronella Oil.


Packaged Drinking Water Unit-I at Deithor:

The new & diversified Project of Packaged Drinking Water Plant-I with installed capacity of 2000 LPH at Deithor was set up during the year 2010-11-12 with the limited fund and took more than 2 & ½ years time to complete the plant as stated in the background. The production was started from 10th July/2012. That PDW project was the REAL TURNING POINT of the revival Corporation. Now expansion of another RO plant has been installed during August and September,2015 adding capacity of another 2000 LPH including filling machine etc. for more viable and to meet the market demand.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant - II at Manja Industrial complex:

For large Scale production of water Bottle with viability and profitable one and to meet the market demand, the Management has undertaken to set up another new Packaged Drinking Water Plant with installed capacity of 4000LPH with modern Technology at Manja Industrial Complex, Manja which was set up during 2013-14 and 2014-15-16 and the project was inaugurated on 8th Feb /2016 by the Honourable CEM,KAAC on behalf of the then HAD Minister. Now the commercial production is going on with good respond from the customers.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant - III (New ) at Boro-Haflong Industrial complex :

There is no Packaged Drinking Water Project in Dima Hasao district (the Hill district) so far and taking the advantage of such a project. The Corporation has set up the 4000 LPH R O WATER PLANT in our FPU Complex and the works are in progress. Total civil works have been completed including Rig Bore well. The project will be completed within December/2016 as expected. The commercial production will be started soon after obtaining the BIS ,PCB,CGWB etc. The authority of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council ,Dima Hasao has issued NOC for the project recently. The products will be marketed, as targeted, in the major town of Dima Hasao(N C Hills). The dream projects like Packaged Drinking Water Projects will help the Corporation to be a sustainable Corporation as well as to create employment opportunity directly and indirectly. The Management has taken full initiatives for 100% revival in support of the Govt. assistance.

Pet Bottle Blowing unit at Manja Industrial Complex:

This is a new and diversified Project for making PET bottles to support mostly the Packaged Drinking Water units and other production units of the Corporation which was set up in the year 2013-14 with single unit. Now we have two units for making of empty PET BOTTLE at Manja Industrial Complex, Manja. In addition to this, the management is going to set up another PET BOTTLE BLOWING UNIT at HAFLONG as an integrated project along with Packaged drinking water plant etc.

Turmeric Pulverisation Unit at Manja Industrial Complex:

The Project was completed under Article 275 (I) in the month of Sept./2010. The production could not be resumed after trial production and inauguration of the unit due to shortage of working capital during the last few years. On receipt of Fund during the Financial year 2012-13 Raw Turmeric have been procured from the local growers which benefited the local growers to some extent. The farmers are getting market after the establishment of this project. Now the “KANCH” brand turmeric powder is in the local market and we got a good respond because of its purity and quality.

Spices Packaging Unit at Manja Industrial Complex:

The required machineries & equipments for SPICE PROJECT (for f/y 2014-15) have already been installed with a capacity of 500kg per day at Manja Industrial Complex ,Manja. The Management has compelled to undertake this project due to demand of the products ranges along with Turmeric such as Jeera,Dhaniya,Meat masala,Gagam Masala etc. The “KANCH” brand MASALA will be launched during JANUARY, 2017.

Fruit Preservation Unit, Kekang Adong, Deithor:

The Corporation has set up a fruit processing unit at Deithor,Kekang Adong on the demand of Pine apple & Orange Growers as well as public demand in the year 1985-86. The Corporation and the then Ex-Minister, late SAMSING HANSE laid down the foundation during the year 1986. The infrastructure works were done during 1992-93 which was left incomplete. Now the production Unit is on running position with equipped of semi automatic machineries. The production unit requires UPGRADATION to compete the present market with the latest technology and to get more benefit by the Pineapple & Orange Growers from the production unit. Now the “KANCH” FRUIT JUICE is in the local market. The management has recently introduced a new product of MANGO Beverage with a new GETUP of all juice bottles including Pine apples and Oranges juice .It is purely natural.

Mustard Oil Mill, Manja:

This is an old unit of the Corporation . The “KANCH” brand Mustard Oil was famous once upon a time due to its purity and quality but could not last in the long run due to many reasons . The Unit could not run due to shortage of working capital etc. for last several years because it required heavy working capital to start the business. The machineries are in running condition.

As per the decision of the Board, the unit was run through “Public Private Participation” (PPP) with 65:35 ratio ON EXPERIMENTAL BASIS. But the party could not run the business properly. After a threadbare discussion with the Party, the Management has decided to take over the business from the Party. To run the M. Oil Mill, a heavy working capital is required for procurement of M.Seeds from local growers and packing materials including Bottling machines etc.

Citronella Cultivation at Manja, Dilajee, Gandhipur,Hawaipur & Diyungbra:

The Corporation have cultivated more than 500 bighas (67 Hectors) of Land Area at Manja, Dilajee, Gandhipur,Hawaipur and Diyungbra (Dima Hasao) . The harvesting of citronella grass and Lemon grasses have been started and producing Oil more than 600 Kg per month during the season. Some interested farmers have approached us for cultivation of citronella on their land and the management gave assurance to purchase the grass so produced by them to support the socio-economic activities.

Tea Garden at Gandhipur(Bokaja sub_Divn):

The Corporation has a small Tea Garden at Gandhipur ,Boakajan sub-Divn ,Karbi Anglong and have started harvesting of GREEN LEAF out of 20 bighas of land area and expansion works upto 82 bighas have been done . We have earned 60 kg of Tea leaf every day during the season and which may be increased from the next year(season).

Rubber Plantation at Manja, Dilajee and Gandhipur:

This LONG TERM & DIVERSIFIED scheme/plantation have been taken up by the Corporation from the last 4 years at Manja , Dilajee and now at Gandhipur(Bokajan). This is economically a viable scheme and having assured market. Fixed revenue will be earned from this plantation after 6-7 years. Now more than 190 bighas have been under Rubber plants in the allotted land and are growing good.

Fruit Preservation Unit at Boro-Haflong:

The unit is one of the oldest factory of the Corporation situated at Boro-Haflong, near Famous JATINGA Dima Hasao (NC Hills). The unit was also defunct due to crisis of fund during the period from 2000 to 2012 .In the meantime, the unit was revived partly through RSVY by the Horticulture Deptt.of N.C.Hills with a limited working capital in the year 2008. But due to shortage of working capital and pending of arrear salary etc. the unit could not be run properly. Now the unit has started production from the month of July,2015 in a limited ways.

About "KANCH" Brand Product:

The brand name of stand for : KARBI ANDLONG & NORTH CACHAR HILLS (KANCH). The brand belong to Hills people of Assam etc.

The "KANCH" brand is registered under “Trade Mark” Authority and this is an ISO 9001:2008 & HACC0 22000:2005 CERTIFIED COMPANY including BIS & FSSAI License holder and the AHSIDC Ltd. is producing the following products :

  • Packaged Drinking Water bottles in ½ ltr, 1 ltr, 2 ltrs and 20 ltrs Jar.
  • Pineapple, Orange & Mango juice, RTS & Squash in 200ml, 250ml and 700ml.
  • Turmeric powder
  • Spices including Unique Masala to be introduced soon.
  • Mustard Oil
  • Citronella & Lemon grass oil
  • Pickle, Jam etc. (to lunch shortly)

The "KANCH" brand products of AHSIDC have been used in Indian Airline during the year 1992-93 and Gold Medalist. Now we retained the reputation of "KANCH" because of its quality and purity.

We have to improve the packaging solution etc. like other brand by UPGRADATION & latest technology to compete the present market.