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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd

Brief Preface of Dima Hasao (N.C.Hills) District

DIMA HASAO (N.C.HILLS) district was created in 2ND February, 1970 under SIXTH SCHEDULED AREAS of the Constitution of India with the Head Quarter at HAFLONG. The total geographical area of the district is 4,890 sq.Km with a total population of 2,13,529(as per Census 2011). The Dima Hasao is totally hilly place so it look so beautiful Haflong. The Jatinga Velley is a place of BIRDS enchantments and tourist place nearby the Haflong town and MAIBANG was an ancient capital of Dimasa kingdom. This Hill district of Assam is rich in forest resources, flora and fauna, minerals with fertile land for agriculture & horticulture etc. The population of the district is predominantly TRIBAL. The Major tribal ethnic group of this district are Dimasa, Jemi Naga, Hmar, Kuki, Biate,Hranghal ,Khelma,Jaintia ,Karbi and Vaiphei besides these large number of non-tribal are the main dwellers in the district living under privileged depending on Agriculture & Horticulture about 70%. This Hill district is industrially backward and thus unemployment problem is increasing day by day. The produces/products of farmers are required to be created a good market through proper channelize marketing system and industrialization with setting up of more Agro-based industries in this hill district for the benefit of farmers.