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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd

What We Do

  • About Projects:

    After inception, the AHSIDC Ltd. have set up 2 nos. of Khandsari Sugar Mills at Hawairpur(Mailoo) and Manja in Karbi Anglong, the Major industries in Karbi Anglong at that time . Later the technology became obsolete which produced Red Sugar and was closed during 1986-87. But still the farmers are cultivating sugarcane in Kheroni and Hawaipur area in large scale. Now they produce ‘Gur’ (Molasses). To support the farmer, a modern Sugar Mill can be established there with the latest technology.

    Later, the Corporation established the Fruit Preservation unit(FPU) at Boro-Haflong in 1978 and Deithor in 1986, Mustard Oil Mill in 1988 at Manja and started the cultivation of Citronella grass and distillation plants in 1986-87. The Corporation introduced Citronella grass first ever in both the Hill districts of Assam.

    Restructuring of Small Scale Industries under the AHSIDC Ltd.:

    From the year 2010 to 2016, the new and diversified projects/schemes have been undertaken by the present Management of the Corporation which is briefly as follows:

    • 3 nos. of Packaged Drinking Water Plants at Deithor FPU Complex, Manja Industrial Complex,Manja and Boro-Haflong Complex (the upcoming Boro-Haflong project & to be inaugurated during January ,2017) (production continues).
    • 2 units of PET bottle Blowing at Manja complex during .(production continues)
    • Turmeric Pulverization Unit (production continues)
    • Spices Packaging Units at Manja complex during (to start production)
    • Cultivation of Citronella farm & Lemon grass farm at Manja ,Dilajee,Diyungbra and Gandhipur (ongoing schemes and production continues)
    • Long term scheme of Rubber plantation at Dilajee, Manja, factory complex Manja and now at Gandhipur during (ongoing scheme and to start production)
    • TEA Plantation at Gandhipur during (ongoing scheme)
    • Set up of Citronella Distillation Plants at Manja,Gandhipur and Diyungbra (production continues)
    • Revival of existing projects at FPU Deithor and Boro-Haflong including M.Oil mill,Manja.