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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Assam Hill Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd


  • Company Profile at a Glance:

    Name of PSU/Organisation : Assam Hills Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd

    Regd. & Head Office : Diphu- Manja Road, Manja, Karbi Anglong, Pin 782461

    District : KARBI ANGLONG, STATE : ASSAM (India).

    Name of Managing Director (i/c) : Dhansing Lekthe

    Name of Chairman : N/A

    Paid up Capital : Rs.2.00 Crore

    Authorised Capital : Rs.5.00 Crore

    Equity Share : 100% share is subscribed by the State Govt. of Assam(HAD).

    Administrative Deptt. : Hill Areas Department(HAD) , DCHA & Public Enterprise Deptt. Dispur.

    Total Land : More than 1100 bighas (146 hactors) in different places in the two Hill districts.

    Staff Position: 70, Daily Casual labour:50-70

    Present Status : Under Revival status and recovered 75%.

    Monthly Salary Requirement : 5.50 per month (pre-revised of 1998 RoP)

    Arrear Salary Pending : More than 130 months, CPF : pending

    Current Salary : From April 2015 to continue(maintaining chronological order i.e. serial month of back log).

    Background of the Corporation:

    The Assam Hills Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. is a Government of Assam undertaking with its registered office at Dilajee, Diphu Karbi Anglong and was incorporated in the year 1968 under the Companies Act.1956 with an objective to set up Small Scale Industries in the Hill district of Assam to get benefited by the local Tribal people.

    The PAID UP capital is Rs.2.00 crores and AUTHORISED capital is Rs.5.00 crores. 100% SHARE is subscribed by the State Govt. of Assam (HAD). The Parent/Administrative department is HAD, DCHA and while the Public Enterprises Deptt.is also monitoring the development of PSU.

    The reputation of “KANCH” brand products like Pineapple Juice, Orange juice from famous JATINGA VELEY, N C HILLS & Mustard Oil and Citronella Oil from Manja, Karbi Anglong during the period from1978-79 to 1998-99 was a Gold Medalist too. The products of “KANCH” brand fruitjuice were also served in the Indian Airline at that time.

    The brand name of “KANCH” stands for “Karbi Anglong &North Cachar Hills”of two Hill Districts , the Sixth Scheduled Areasof Assam.

    The Corporation became SICK from the year 2000-01and most of the production units were defunct and suspended its production activities due to No Working Capital to run the production units including salary problem . The employees and workers did not getting their legitimate salaries & wages on regular basis and the Corporation also does not have any sources to pay the salary etc. during the defunct period.

    The arrear salary & wages is pending for more than120 months in total during defunct period. But the employees & workers are doing hard works with dedication, sincere on the HOPE for 100% REVIVAL of the dying Corporation by way of Govt. support and initiatives taken by the present Management.

    The Government has been funding the Corporation for REVIVAL activities by way of LOAN with 17.5% interest and14.5% from the financial year 2015-16.

    The Corporation and the Government (HAD) entered into MoU for Govt. assistance (loan) to revive Corporation as per the Guidelines of the Finance Deptt., Assam.

    The AHSIDC Ltd. is not only doing job for profit making organization but also to help the local people by engaging employment in the farm works, factories and to create market for Growers of Pine Apple, Orange, Mango, Turmeric, Ginger, citronella grass, & spices. Now the Corporation has also a proposal to introduce Tea packaging etc.